Thursday, July 10, 2008

So My Bud Is Coming Home

My friend Kay is on her way back from Utah. She left almost three weeks ago, in search of better things. It's a long story and really not my place to tell it. I am just happy she is coming home and I hope she believes us when we say we will always be here for her.

I have known Kay about 18 years. My son was born six months after her daughter. They fought like a brother and sister. We would put them in the backseat of the van and take off garage saling. But first we would stop and get a Pepsi and a bag of Cheetos.

We have been through a lot together - good times and bad, just like any friendship. I am not the easiest person to have as a friend. When I feel strongly about something, out it tumbles from my mouth before I have a chance to stop it. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I'm anything but shy. Or I could just say I am opinionated and stick my nose in when I shouldn't, and be done with it.

Glad you're almost home my friend - the Cheetos and Pepsi (and gas) are on me.


mysteryhistorymom said...

I'm so glad that your friend is returning! I love the story of the Cheetos and Pepsi.:-) I take my girls to get a cinnamon roll at McDonalds or for an ice cream when we go to yard sales. That's today, so I'd better get going.:-)

I think you are just fabulous and I know she does,too.:-) Lori

Kay said...

I'm home and so glad to be here! We'll have to get Pepsi and Cheetos to take to the estate sale on the 24th!! Can't wait.