Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Which Way Do I Go?

First let me say I am a bit embarrassed by the front door in this photo. Of course it's our door, and if you have dogs, you already know how hard they can be on wood surfaces. Tacky looking door aside, I really wanted to use this photo because it so perfectly illustrates the title of this post.

I am by no means a seasoned traveler in Blog Land. Yet I have noticed there seems to be two different kinds of blogs. One is geared toward the melancholy, the deep and often dark musings of life. The author occasionally adds a bit of sunshine or whimsy, but for the most part, the blog is a rather solemn place. The other is happy to the point of being totally unrealistic. A giggling, silly, someone please turn off the nitrous oxide kind of blog. The author could make a sigmoidoscopy sound like an all expense paid trip to Silver Bella.

I am constantly struggling with the question of which kind of blog is more meaningful to the people who stop by. Usually I attempt to strike a balance between Ernest Hemingway and Gidget on steroids. After all, a blog should be an inspiring, comforting, fun place to visit. No one really wants to read about cramps or rotator cuffs or the gases husbands pass in the night. I don't know though...maybe they do? Maybe reading about another woman's struggles helps remind us how similar we really are and how we need to be there for each other.

I have made some incredible friends in Blog Land. Women I'd love to meet, and just hang out with. They are a source of comfort when times are tough, and they rejoice with me when times are good.

So....I guess I go where life takes me, always striving to find the middle ground. Through good days and bad days and dog worn doors.....

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