Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A (Nice) Pit Bull and Her Friend

A female pit bull and another little male dog (Lhasa type) came to visit us this morning. Thankfully it was a nice pit bull although I have to say mice scare me much more than pit bulls do, and I have squared off with a couple of them (pit bulls, not mice). DH was gone all day, so I had to put my big girl panties on and handle things.

My neighbor came to help and we got the name and number of the owner, and also the number on the rabies tag. The supposed owner lives about 60 miles away and I got a recording when I called the number - both times. The Vet where the dog had been vaccinated was here in town. They told me her name was Zena and it turned out both of their contact numbers were disconnected. The dog had been in their office last month though. She was a very friendly girl, and a perfect specimen if you like pit bulls. She has been well taken care of.

The poor little boy dog was not from Zena's family as the Vet had no record of him belonging to Zena's family. He was not nearly as well cared for and of course, no collar. He too was very sweet and quite attached to Zena.

As you may know, we have two large dogs who were quite unhappy being cooped up as other dogs explored their yard. I had no choice but to call Animal Control. Did that about noon and was told they'd send someone before the end of the day. Nice. I had to listen to my son kvetch about that until Animal Control did arrive, about 3:30. He said "they're probably just eating tea and doughnuts."

In the meantime my neighbor took them to her house. She had a nice crate for Zena, in the shade, with food and water. The little boy went inside her house. Mind you Linda has a big black Lab and her roommate also has a dog. Both of them were kept away from the strays. Between the whining from my two, and the whining from her two, it sounded like a kennel on our little cul-de-sac.

Juneau complained loudly all afternoon....until the Animal Control van pulled into our driveway. He was completely silent from that point on. I know he watched through the window as the two strays were put inside the van. After the van had left, I opened the door and Miss Jessie couldn't wait to get out. Not Juneau. He sat on the couch and just stared at me. It took over an hour for him to venture outside.

Given his traumatic first few months of life, and the amount of time he spent being shuttled from place to place, he makes it very clear he likes his home and has no interest in leaving. Friends he knows and loves can visit, but when they get up to leave he is immediately on guard. If he is touched or even looked at, he growls. He will sometimes hide behind my husband or I if he feels someone might try to take him away. Poor guy.

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Jess said...

That is so sad!!! I hate it when animals are lost or mistreated.

Our cat was abused before we got her....just makes me sick at the people in this world who are like that!

Love, Jess