Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Weird title for a post, but it fits.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks around here. But first, we had a very nice Christmas, albeit an odd one. For example, Christmas Eve dinner was Subway. And Christmas Day, late afternoon, found me in a shopping center parking lot with a very flat tire thanks to some enormous bolt in the road. It may sound corny, but any day with my husband and son and doggies is a good day. As Barney would say: I love you, you love me, we're a happy family. Alrighty then.

Santa brought me a Big Shot. He also brought me a Cinch. Santa is one fantastic guy.

It seems that in addition to my messed up shoulder and neck, I also have blood sugar issues. I began taking a new medication 10 days ago and it's made me rather, ah...spacey? Yep, spacey is the word. It has also completely taken away my appetite. I forget to eat and my blood sugar tanks. This medication will take some tweaking.

It's cold and rainy and damp. By George, it's Washington! Wow, that was really clever. I remember in my 20's and 30's, hearing old folks talk about how they felt the weather in their bones. Seemed like such a strange concept, but it's true. The right side of my body is just fine. But the left side - man oh man. It's three times as bad in this weather. So....ACK! The ironic part is winter was always my favorite season. I counted the days until winter. Not anymore.

I closed my eBay store for a few days, because I am behind with orders. I will probably get low marks from unhappy buyers, and deservedly so. However, in the grand scheme of things my eBay feedback is not a major player. I will continue to do excellent work, and that means a lot.

Thursday begins our major room swap. The master bedroom is being repainted and cleaned out. My office (aka third bedroom) will move to the master and I will create for hubby a man cave in my current office. A great deal of the office is actually an art room and I have outgrown my current space. The hubs and I have very different sleep habits and separate rooms will be best. We're fine though, as I tell my son - no one is getting divorced...LOL.

And that's the news from here. Hi Mom :).


Tracy said...

Sorry you are not feeling up to par. Hopefully it will work itself out.
Nice Christmas gifts, hubby vowed no scrapbooking gifts for me :(
Thats fine, Lots of fun shopping for me when things cool down :)
Enjoy your new room

CanadianWynn said...

Glad to see you are back!! And Christmas here was a weird one as well!
i am not djuting well to this Washington weather...I never thought I would admit that I miss
-35c temperatures and 5 foor snow banks...but I do. Just doesn't feel like winter without them. Although I do not miss the shovelling! I HATE shovelling...and when you had a triple wide, 30 foot driveway...it SUCKED big time!!!