Saturday, December 11, 2010

What I Do In My "Spare" Time

Here are 24 ceramic knobs, in the Waverly Jamestown blue toile design. They left a couple days ago, traveling "across the pond" to their new home in Great Britain. I don't usually photograph my knobs prior to their departure. But the new owner was getting a tad antsy so I wanted to show him I did actually make his knobs. This is a very time consuming design, due to the large surface area. They look awesome though, and little touches like knobs make an amazing difference in a room.

My turtle candy mold arrived already!! Remember a few posts down I was talking about sellers who ship next day? And how I don't, but so many do. I admire those sellers, in much the same way as I admire women who shave their legs every day (i.e., kudos to you, now go away). After I ask Tracy a few more (sorry) questions, the turtle production line will be ready to rock and roll.


CanadianWynn said...

WOMEN SHAVE THEIR LEGS DAILY????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Now I have hear EVERYTHING!


Tracy said...

Well when you live in the cold climate you need all the warmth you can get, teehee.

Your knobs are beautiful. Bet you heard that more then once ;)

No problem ask away. They really are quite easy. And tastey, we have ate to many. I better pack them up and ship them off to my relatives before we eat them all. lol

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

these are lovely, well done. Happy New Year!