Monday, December 6, 2010

Amazed ~ Caramel Apples

I happened upon a company that sells caramel apples. They also sell other things covered in caramel, but those things did not amaze me. Apparently this company does 70% of their yearly business during the last two weeks of December. Their signature apple is a biggie. A Granny Smith standing about 4-1/2 inches tall. They say an apple with all the toppings weighs close to two pounds and will feed eight to 10 people.

This company is based on Illinois. I was born in Illinois. This company buys the biggest and best apples from Washington State. I live in Washington State. Do these facts add to my amazement? Not really.

You can buy apple for $22.95. It is presented beautifully in purple and gold packaging, with an ornament or little stuffed animal on top of the box. Packaging is extremely important, and these folks are pros. So you buy your one apple. Then you gotta pay to have it delivered. That's another $10.95. Grand total for one giant apple and shipping is $33.90. AMAZING. Want three apples? That's close to $50.00, before shipping.

That's what amazed me today.


Tracy said...

Wow that is a deal, 3 apples for 50 bucks. I need to get me some of them LOL.
Mind you that is some big apple ;)

CanadianWynn said...

gives new meaning to the phrase...get a load of those apples!!! ????

yea...i got nothing!