Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chocolate Rabbit

Do you ever feel like a chocolate rabbit, and everyone keeps taking bites out of you? Today I felt like a chocolate rabbit. Now, I don't mean vicious bites. I mean the typical bites family takes out of us women. Specifically, the bites children take from their mothers. There, I said it. Does that make me a bad mother?

MY mother once told me, "Children are the beloved parasites." That sounds awful, till you really think about it. Yet it's the natural course of things and I would not trade motherhood for anything. Just a chocolate rabbit kinda day.


PEA said...

aww kim I know just how you feel. It feels like a yell at me day. Everyone was loud, just plain loud today. I was like hello? I am right here.
I found you through my friend the Canadian cutie. LOL
Hope tomorrow is better.

CanadianWynn said...

yp Kim...I hear ya..(unlike that poor bunnie in the picture, although if that is a version of a "fat-butt-ectomy", I might reconsider!!"

Anyhoo...I am sure, like everyting else, it will get better....I need to keep talling myself that just becasue the neighbours kid hollars at me becasue the dog let out one (and bark at their cat before I shushed her and brought he back in, does, in no way, make me a bad neighbour!
(scooping their cat's poop out of my garden and depositing it on THEIR side of the fence might tho!)

Tracy said...

This cartoon is too funny.
I know how you feel, well actually every parent knows how you feel. Some days is does feel like everyone wants a piece of me. Just walk away and hide yourself in the closet, teehee.