Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Lovely.

Okay, if you know me, then you know I have no shame. Well, not much anyway. I don't like my husband to see me naked with the lights on. So I guess that means I have a wee bit of shame. But not in terms of posting photos of the room switch in progress. This, like everything else in my life, is taking way more time than I expected.

Long story short (hopefully) you are looking at our master bedroom. Freshly painted in a sagey green color, reminiscent of guest rooms at the Funny Farm. A soothing color. This room used to be our bedroom, hence the king size bed. Hubs only buys king size beds. Because of my PTSD, and hubs' gastrointestinal system, sleeping in the same bed (or even the same room) is not possible. I mean, it can be done of course, but I'm a shrew the following day and no one wants that. If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

My office/craft space/rat hole was in the third bedroom. I have completely outgrown that room and am moving my show into the soothing green room. It's a decent size and has vaulted ceilings. Unfortunately the mega-bed takes up a lot of space. I am going to create for Hubs a "man cave" in my prior office. He will have his own space for peace and quiet.

Ideally I would prefer having a twin bed in the green room, but the king bed is a memory foam mattress and was hella expensive. But, also hella worth it in terms of me sleeping with minimal pain. They don't make this type of bed in a twin size and there really is no substitute.

I have one more super long work table that will go to the right of this folding one. As we were planning the room I said to my dear hubby, "I don't want things to be crammed and jammed full. I want room to grow." Wish I'd had a camera to record the look on his face.

I purchased this armoire from a woman who lives five minutes away. It was $50.00 and has a ton o'room. I didn't have it opened all the way when I took the photo. There is more than enough room to store all my business related things. Then I can just close the doors when I want to be "off work."

I took my Big Shot out of the package today. So happy to have it. I have a couple texture folders but that's it. I had no idea what dies cost....jeez. Luckily I don't want that many of them, at least not right now. I love the Tim Holtz Baroque die, so that will be my first purchase. Don't really think I'll stumble across one at a garage sale though :).

Hopefully I will have completed room photos by the end of the week!


Tracy said...

Looking good. I like how your business stuff is going in the armoire and you can close the doors and be done work ;)
Looking forward to seeing it all complete :)

CanadianWynn said...

apparently everytime I leave a comment I forget to hit a button or soething, becasue they don't show up!!! and honest!! I had a GOOD COMMENT!!!!