Monday, January 17, 2011

10 Things

Today I am going to list 10 things that make me unique, quirky, obnoxious, twisted, bizarre, you get the idea. I hope ya'all play along because it'll be fun - trust me!

1) I've never had a cup of coffee.
2) I am right handed, but crochet and play pool left handed.
3) I dislike small dogs...big time.
4) When being treated for any medical/dental condition, I'm always the one with the complicated or rarely seen case.
5) I hate catsup, or however you choose to spell it.
6) I'm a food purist. Chocolate cake is fine being chocolate cake. No need to add anything to it. That's what the Food Network is for.
7) I wanted so badly to have a June Cleaver personality. It didn't happen for me.
8) Maureen McCormick (AKA Marcia Brady) gave the eulogy at my step-mother's funeral. And when they opened the vault to put her ashes next to my father's ashes, I practically started wailing. It was Maureen who hugged and comforted me.
9) The sound of anyone cutting their toe or fingernails gives me the willies.
10) The use of words like DREAM, SOAR, HOPE, BELIEVE in scrapbooking or altered art items just gags me. This ties into item #7. They are wonderful words, just way overused in my opinion.


CanadianWynn said...

ha ha ha...your answers made me think...hmmmmmm..owch

Tracy said...

Nice to learn more about you.
Now I have to go and cut my toe nails because I Believe they need it and I Hope they won't go flying across the room. Then I think I may make a layout about the whole thing while eating my chocolate cake with cherry filling.
I just crack myself up.