Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

For the most part I limit my eBay purchases to boring things like shipping supplies. But every once in a while...I go a bit crazy. A girl's gotta splurge sometimes, right? I was the high bidder for a lot of over 450 vintage jewelry bits and pieces, some complete, some not. All gorgeous in their own way. I justified this purchase by telling myself it was a present from me, to me. And, I will use a lot of these pieces in future creations.

My mother was kind enough to let me inherit this turn of the century dental cabinet a few years early, and boy am I grateful! It has been in our family since 1967 (my late father was a dentist) and is the perfect place to store altered art supplies, not to mention the Birthday Jewels.

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Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

I found it! Happy birthday to you!! I love your blog - the background color is perfect!