Monday, March 24, 2008 like a box of eBay

If you got a group of eBay sellers together, their #1 complaint would be buyers who don't read, followed by buyers who don't read and blame us because they don't read. RIF - Reading Is Fundamental. I take the neutrals (got one today, can ya tell?) and negatives SO personally, even though I tell others you never see them coming and the person you most expect to neg you, never does. To add insult to injury these blind people cannot be bothered to send an email and ask for clarification, or to say - hey, I'm not happy. Nope...just straight to feedback.

But God is good, and the universe is fair! It never fails when I have a bad experience, I get an email from a nice person, who is happy with their purchase, the quality of their purchase, and the service they received. Actually, I get 99 of those to every 1 of the bad ones. So there.

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