Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Not Just Me

I went to the local fabric/craft store today. I "needed" a few things, and #1 on my list were microbeads. I received a sample of these amazing beads in the mail, from a lady who I traded an art card with. She runs a company called pennywisearts.com and her site is full of wonderful products and very detailed project instruction sheets.

While browsing I saw another customer who seemed to be a beader, as her cart was filled with all kinds of different beads. I asked if she knew if they sold microbeads here. She told me she did not. I asked if she had heard of microbeads, and she replied, "No, and please don't tell me about them because then they will become another thing I have to have!"

So I don't feel so bad, or so alone anymore. I am on creative overload these days, what with swaps and my ATCs and blogging and trying to get a decent etsy shop going, oh...and keeping my eBay customers happy. But I am content and my wonderful husband and son are happy I'm happy.

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