Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Return of Peter Cottontail

Here is what Samantha sent me! To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. To begin with we have this gorgeous case with faux leather handle. Not just any old wimpy case either, it measures 15 inches across and 10 inches high (too many years of selling online, I always have to measure everything). Actually, the measurements were to give you an idea of how substantial this is. Note the pearl initial ~ a perfect touch.

There was a ton of pink grass inside, and many pastel eggs to hold all the tiny treasures.

Vintage sheet music, BINGO cards (I was all out), a copy of her cupcake recipe from a different swap, the sweestest old playing cards with animals, text from an old book, a pretty doily and mint green polka dot ribbon to tie everything together.

The flash washed out the beautiful colors in this hanging plaque she made. Sam's attention to detail is incredible. Every line perfect, edges glittered - even the back was decorated!

A sweet cone made with vintage flocked wallpaper. She also sent me some, and I did not photograph it. But I love it and have never owned any before.

Yummy pastel papers and look at all the girly stickers. Sam knows how much I love K&Company. I will be able to make so many pretty things with these! I am all jazzed about the glitter as I have never used liquid glitter before. Never had a beer or a cup of coffee either, but I digress. I was arriving at Glitter Avenue by way of mixing dry glitter with a bit of Modge Podge, and carefully painting it on. I do drink diet Coke in excess, and get tipsy after three sips of wine, so I'm not prim and proper - coffee and beer just never appealed to me.

Clear stamps, note cards, vintage lace, rosebud trim, metal embellishments (the one at the top left says Mother). Everything presented so perfectly.

Vintage daisies and spools of thread, and she crocheted the little flowers herself.

She sent two pieces of chenille and I want to say cabin craft, or something similar to that, is the style. Lots of neat charms (I think we shop at the same place, but I didn't have any of these), buttons, bingo markers, a pretty heart....

She made this stand and I love the colors and the style. The candy bar you see is all that remains of the candy. There was a large chocolate covered marshmallow egg, a candy stick, and a package of six eggs with assorted centers, from See's no less.

What wonderful gifts to receive, from a very special lady and a new friend :). Thank you Sam!

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DeBRiNa PRaTT said...

Hi!!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! That is indeed a beautiful case and I especially love that little cone!