Saturday, March 15, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail....

Today I mailed my package to my partner Samantha, in the Easter Basket Swap. During this season of chocolate bunnies and sweet little chicks, I frequently stop to ponder the fact Easter has nothing to do with bunnies or chicks, or jelly beans or baskets. I know Christ died for my sins, so that I may have eternal life in heaven. I know the true meaning of Easter. I feel I need to say that so the world (and my mother especially) knows.....that I know. Whew, I feel better now!

Tonight I will post the goodies I sent to Sam ~ just the neatest lady and so much like me in her style. Tomorrow I will post the contents of her case (yes, not a basket but a CASE), which is over the top gorgeous. The "not really a basket" above was just the most perfect shade of blue, and I could not resist. I decorated both sides, and also made the little butterfly magnet.

An oatmeal and honey bunny (I'm a poet and didn't even know it) in a chocolate color is perched inside a vintage mini jello mold. My dear friend Kay at The Rustic Cottage made this. Of course no basket is complete without a few sticky things.

Speaking of sticky things, I included this glue which was recommended to me by the Queen of Paper Bella herself (thank you Teresa), and a few other blank things for Sam to decorate.

Next came a fat package of handmade papers, playing cards, vintage advertisements, cabinet cards....all that kinda stuff.

Some vintage hand dyed ribbon, lavender candles, mini notebook, a teeny tiny roll of red polka dot trim, and a cool mermaid magnet I just added to inventory.

Gotta have candy, some of it fit in this sweet little bunny take-out container. I only wish I'd gone to See's, like Sam did!

I fell in love with this precious soft lamb, and knew she would too. Add a couple of strands of big gaudy costume pearls, and an egg, which when soaked in water is supposed to produce a chick which hatches by itself (reminds me of sea monkeys).

Lastly, a little box filled with vintage jewelry pieces, and that little bag on the right contains vintage rhinestones ~ each one a tiny treasure just waiting to be reborn.

Absent from my photos are a few little plastic eggs, in which I placed embellishments. One egg (the pink one of course) contained a $5 bill so Sam can have a Starbucks on me. Or, she can buy a gallon of gas....I hope she likes her Easter stuff. I so enjoyed putting this together for her. Her friendship has really been a blessing to me these past weeks.


Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

It is so pretty! I just love the shade of blue! You are so talented! And the oatmeal honey bunny is cute too.

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

How lucky Sam is to be receiving this beautiful and so very thoughtful Easter basket. I am sure she will be beside herself when she receives it. You are so very sweet! Happy Easter! :-)