Friday, June 6, 2008

Edgy Etsy Tags and Felt

Oh my, that etsy nut is a tough one to crack. I have experimented with "this and that," trying to find a groove. Something I can do (and like to do) and something etsy buyers will also like. My bud Kay over at The Rustic Cottage is an old pro on etsy. She says "go edgy." And since I don't like felt or felty things, my only other alternative is to "go weird." Lucky for me it's not a long journey.

Today I took the first step and listed this tag. It's tame compared to some of the ideas I have (for adults only dontcha know), but it's a start. I have this almost fanatical need for straight lines, perfect edges, and everything being centered. It was a huge effort for me to position that photo off-center. Unfortunately that attention to detail is not carried through to any other area of my life. I can mess up a room quicker than a group of pre-schoolers on a sugar high. It's truly amazing.


Samantha said...

I like it. It's funny, it's cute...the tag not she-wreck. :) Can hardly wait 'til you bring on the naughty. wink

Stampin' D'Amour said...

Love the tag...the fibers are bright and look fantastic!!! :0)