Monday, June 2, 2008

What's for Dinner? Not this.....

My intention was to post a truly incredible meatloaf recipe. I think it figured strongly into my husband's decision to marry me. Really, it's that good. While looking for the recipe I came across this clipping from 1971. I forgot about meatloaf and began to take a trip down Memory Lane. This is more interesting than the meatloaf recipe, although I admit it's not as useful.

Just click on the image to see a larger view.

I lived in this house with my father and mother and sister, from 1967 to 1976. I don't know for sure if Jean Harlow had lived there. Maybe the author of this article was wrong. I do know that tour buses stopped in front quite often. I remember my dad searching the attic, looking for clues. He never found any.

It was a beautiful old house with a huge yard and redwood deck. My sister and I had our rooms upstairs, and my parents slept downstairs. Part of the roof was flat and there was a door at the top of the stairs which led out to this flat roof. Strangely enough, the strongest memory I have is of my closet. It was huge! The size of a lot bathrooms. It had built in drawers and a window!

Across the street was the back portion of the North Course of the LA Country Club. Our neighbor to the right was a stock broker. To the left, a sweet retired couple. Jean Stapleton (AKA Edith Bunker) lived two houses down and drove in the neighborhood carpool. Two houses down the other way was the home of Arthur Hill. There was a retired Army general and his wife. At the end of the block lived a woman named Fanny who was so obsessed with her lawn she was known to patrol every square foot with a pair of manicure scissors.

We had moved to California from Illinois when I was seven. My father went from being a dentist in a small town to being a Beverly Hills dentist. He had many celebrity patients, joined the country club, and was never the same again. I took Clark Gable's dentures to school for show and tell. Freddie Prinze committed suicide at a hotel on Wilshire just blocks away. Halloween meant hot chocolate or cider and homemade cookies from the neighbors. My mother tried to keep the family together. In the end my parents divorced and the house was sold. Mom had saved the article all these years, and recently sent it to me.

I will post the meatloaf recipe tomorrow......


Beth Leintz said...

LOL- You took Clark Gable's dentures to school- that is a riot! It sounds like you were the original Beverly Hills 90210 family.

I'm curious about the meatloaf recipe- just the other day my husband said "why don't you ever make meatloaf?"- the answer- I have never found a recipe I like.

Sandra said...

Meatloaf is good, but "deets" about famous people is good as well, although not quite as filling! I love Jean Stapleton - what an amazing lady! I look forward to the meatloaf recipe too - the one I use is from Kraft and uses a box of stuffing mix for flavor - it's quite good, but there's always room for more meatloaf! ;)
Sandra :) (p.s. my email is suddenlysandra at gmail dot com - I sent you an email yesterday about the knobs, but it ended up going to *smacks self in forehead*. Sorry!

Wanda said...

Beautiful house. I love all that Old Hollywood stuff. I was wondering if you could email me, so that I could send you a little something for entering my giveaway. Thanks.


mysteryhistorymom said...

So interesting!!! You have led quite an exciting life! Thanks for sharing.:-)

I am having a giveaway, Kim! Stop by and check it out! Lori

Samantha said...

What a gorgeous house, Kim. So what beautiful and creative thing are you going to do with the article? I just know you must have ideas for it.
Mmmmm meatloaf. Looking forward to trying your recipe. :)

Jeanne said...

Hi Kim ~
I just wanted to tell you that my panels came today from Karla and Beth and I got one of yours. It's absolutely it!
Thanks so much,

Kay said...

WOW! I've known you for 17 years and I never knew this about you. What an interesting story. The house is gorgeous.

Loved the part about Clark Gable's dentures!!

Bella said...

I love the Hollywood glamour mom was an awesome beauty and many people told her to go to Hollywood (my grandmother too). Love the story...

Michele said...

Sorry to hear that your dad changed and that it led to a divorce. That must have been very painful to go through.

I think it's hilarious that you took Clark Gable's dentures for show and tell!!! Can you imagine all the other kids in your class sitting at their dinner table that night saying, "Guess what I saw in show and tell today!"