Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good Swappy Day

I recently discovered swap-bot and of course, I just HAD to sign up. I received my first two swaps today. The first was to take one item from your partner's profile and send it. Pretty simple, right? The unusual part is how partners are matched. The person you are sending to is not the person who sends to you. This swap, offically called "Quick Swap V," had a lot of international players. I sent packages to Belgium and the Czech Republic. I received this package today, from the UK. The other person sending to me is in the U.S.

Look at all the neat things she sent! And the swap only required her to send one item. The ribbons are gorgeous, and unlike any I have seen before. The Brixham booklet is full of B&W vintage photos.

I also received all these scrapbooking papers. I adore the English people. We send knobs across the pond quite frequently, and every customer I have dealt with has been wonderful. A lot of people long to visit France, but not me. I would much prefer seeing London and the surrounding countryside.

The second swap was an "extra scrapbooking papers" swap, where you were to send whatever you could fit into a business size envelope and mail for just one stamp. The pretty pink and blue papers pictured below came from a lady in Missouri.

If you haven't been to swap-bot you should definitely visit. Then again, the whole world probably knows about it. I tend to be the last to know. I didn't even know Stickles existed until a few months ago.


mysteryhistorymom said...

Lucky you! I have not joined swapbot yet, but I plan on it! Don't you just LOVE getting packages in the mail??:-) Lori

Samantha said...

Looks like some good swappy stuff there. You deserve it! Swapbot looks fun!

Michele said...

I have to be careful with swaps. When I first discovered scrapbooking and got involved in a bunch of online groups, I was actually ADDICTED to swaps! It seriously took over my life, and I've never even used anything that I received. I think I just liked getting the packages in the mail and looking at all the wonderful, creative goodies the girls would make.

Glad you had fun in your swap!