Monday, June 16, 2008

Waaayyyy Beeeehind

Isn't this a pretty card? Much nicer than a dog's behind, I know. Speaking of behind, that would be me. bud Kay is moving on Saturday and I'm starting to become sad about that, even though I am happy for her because it's a brand new start. She will spend her last night in town here with us, and that will be nice.

I am not sure exactly how it happened, but our web site will be featured on PayPal's Merchant Network this Thursday. I am praying that exposure will bring new customers. They want a thumbnail size photo to accompany their article so I am sending one of my wedding pics. I avoid the camera, even more so than Miss Jessie. Then I figured I would put the thumbnail on my blog as it seems to be the thing to do. The photo makes it appear I am missing part of my upper teeth. But really, I am not. They are all there, bought and paid for and everything.

While I am strolling down Wedding Memory Lane, here is a photo I took the day I received my rings. I look at my finger at least once a day, and marvel at the fact this diehard "I will never get married again" man IS married, and to me.

Maybe I'm just odd that way. Because I often find myself looking at my son and being struck with this overwhelming feeling of: I am someone's mother! After 13 years it should have sunk in by now, but nope, still takes me by surprise.

I didn't have many people enter my last giveway, so what I am going to do is contact everyone who did enter, and send them their choice of the three downloads. I really and truly planned on having more to choose from in my etsy store. But as I said, I am waaaayyy beeeeehind.


mysteryhistorymom said...

I avoid the camera, too! That's why I am the photographer in our family.:-) It was so fun to see a picture of you! You and your teeth are beautiful. (Aren't we are own worst critics??) You, my friend, are truly lovely- on the inside AND on the outside.:-) Lori

Kay said...

I love your new profile picture. It is a beautiful picture of you!! Downloads?? What downloads??? I want one!!

Yes, I should be packing. But instead I'm reading blogs.

bluemuf said...

Hi Kim, I'm just stopping by to let you know I was one of the lucky ladies how received one of your gorgeous panels. And, it's the one like the card you just posted. I had so much fun with this swap and was so excited when my parcel came last week. thank you


Michele said...

I think your picture is very pretty. I know how you feel though. Every single time that I see a pic or video of myself I cringe. We're all our own worst critics though, right?

That card is very pretty/cute. I miss the old-fashioned cards. So many cards are so modern now or humorous and don't really have a sentiment that means anything. That's why I actually prefer handmade cards.

Congrats on being featured on PayPal!! That's exciting! I hope that it brings you the extra business that you're looking for.

Have a great Sunday!


Sandra said...

Juneau ... c'mere boy!!! Please go tell your mom that my beautiful flamingo knobs came in the mail yesterday, and that I LOVE THEM!!! I have a project in mind, so cross your doggy paws that I can get my woodworking tools working! ;) Thank you again for picking the red M&M - and tell your mom thanks again for the giveaway!!! Can you rememember all that? If you can't remember it all, just tell your mom to check my sewing blog on today's date because I posted it there :) Now go get yourself a doggie treat and then you can go sniff something fun!! Thanks!