Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A great variety of things amaze me. A day does not go by that I am not amazed at least once. Most days I am amazed several times.

I struggle with what to post on my blog. I often feel my blog is way too much "me," and not nearly enough "everyone else." Meaning: could I not find something more worthwhile to write about than hot flashes? But then I think: a blog is an online diary, right? A place where you can be yourself.

So it fits together then, my frequent state of amazement and my blogger's block. AMAZED will become a new category, and ensure I have lots and LOTS to blog about! Let's get started, shall we?

Motherhood. I've been a mother for over 16 years. I am someone's mother. Amazing. Even before my son was born, I was amazed. Me. Pregnant? Really? I walk by my son's room at night, and it strikes me yet again - I'm a mother. There is a part of the equation that is simply surreal. No other word describes it. I'm a mother, and have been for some time. And my son is on the right road, with the right values. He is a decent and honest person. And caring...very caring. His faith inspires many people, including me - his mother.

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Tracy said...

This is sweet. As a mother it just fills my heart with pride everytime I look at my daughters, well most times LOL.
You totally had me laughing at your story on my blog. I was thinking she probably went home and sobbed. So nice that you had your mother to talk to.