Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pretty Flowers, Today and a Nice Customer

Aren't these handmade flowers gorgeous? Think Valentine mini, or even Christmas mini. Not only do you get the flowers, you get two stick pins and 20 inches of the ribbon used to make the flowers. All for $3.50 --- wow! A very nice lady named Cindy makes these, and if you click here you can magically travel to her flower cart in cyberspace. I showed an uncommon restraint and only purchased one set.

This has been a long and bizzy day (I know.. but I like how it looks spelled that way). Got four hours sleep last night and hit the ground running this morning. I made a lot of stuff today, and then hubby packaged the stuff and shipped it. It was overcast, gray, drizzly and perfectly dismal. I love this weather.

The nice customer is a person who received an order of four knobs today. Two of those knobs were the wrong design. Nice. I apologized profusely and told her I would ship out the correct knobs on Monday. Just a bit ago she purchased more knobs from me/us.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday ~

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Tracy said...

Your tag is beautiful. Love it.
I checked out your knobs (teehee) sorry dirty mind slipped there.
I really did check out your web store, very nice.

Oh ya Canuck is not an insult, I think it maybe the same as saying Yankee.