Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And the winner is......

Holli of Cozi Moments. I apologize for being two days late with this post. The stomach flu (a snow dog's) and tendonitis (mine) have thrown me off schedule. Holly will receive her choice of $20.00 worth of merchandise from our Etsy store or our web store.

I see by reading Holli's blog that we have lots in common. She is originally from Seattle, and like me, is blessed to be married to her Prince Charming. I thank the Lord several times a day for my husband, and I bet Holli does too.

I am busy decorating my home, and trying to convince my son to allow me to do some kind of small, tasteful display in his room. So far, no luck. Last year my hubby made a beautiful wood stocking holder for our fireplace, but didn't have time to stain it. Once the holidays were over I forgot about my plan to decorate it myself, altered art style. So that's on the list too.

We are expecting a good bit of snow tomorrow. I am so grateful to live in the beautiful state of Washington, with the crisp, clean air and gorgeous trees. And, some holiday snow :).

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Holli said...

Wow, how fun. I will check out your stores and let you know tomorrow if that is ok. Thank you so much.