Saturday, December 20, 2008

~ A New Creation, and Our Snow! ~

My newest little creation - a mahogany Scrabble tile pendant with a piece from a vintage necklace, or perhaps earring, one never knows. Placed inside an altered matchbox covered in vintage sheet music and black velvet rickrack. The photo is a tad blurry but I am too lazy to re-take it.

This is the view from our front door. It's very pretty and the dogs are loving it. The German Shepherd more so than the Malamute, which is odd. I hope to get some photos of them playing together in the snow. My son's youth group trip to the mountains was canceled. The roads are very treacherous so their "Snow Wars" event was held on the big field behind the church. Hubby said only the very heavily traveled main roads are safe. Everything else has a sheet of ice on it, and the snow continues to fall.

Hope you are safe and warm ~ Blessings to you!


Sue said...

LOVE your newest creation!!!

How cool, clever and creative!

Hope your dogs get to enjoy the snow. We have just had some ice (thnakfully NOT a lot) and now it just getting pretty cold...

Malissa said...

Beautiful pendant! Thanks for joining my swap. I'm a tad embarassed for mispelling baubles, I'm usually more careful than that. Oh, well. Too late now!