Friday, December 19, 2008

~ Snow Day ~

I LOVE this vintage image. It reminds me of how our home felt today. Of course we did not have nearly this much snow. But the lights and the warm glow inside made my soul happy. The sun comes up about 7:30 and begins to go down a bit after 4:00. I like to look out my front window and see the neighbors' houses as they turn on their lights.

Now that we are less than six days away from the big day, all my creative switches are turned on and the rush begins. I tried to explain to my husband that I do get ideas long before the middle of December, but they are like unhatched chickens in various stages of growth. One idea is 90% cooked, another is 35% cooked, and yet another only 15% ready. Then suddenly, within the span of about 12 hours, all ideas become fully mature! I don't understand it but what can I do. That's the wonder of me.

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