Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bunnies and Rats and Dogs, Oh My!

These are the family photos of a dear lady named Peggy (you can click on the photo and it will open full size in a new window). A fellow Washingtonian, she purchased some knobs with rats and rabbits on them and shared with me these images. I thought they were so adorable and I asked for her permission to post them here.

What a busy household this must be! I have yet to ask her how her fur children get along. I can only imagine the great stories this family has to tell over the dinner table. People who own rats are passionate about them. They talk of how intelligent and sweet these creatures can be. I would not argue with them, but I was born with an innate fear of rodents. We are talking screaming, up on the chair, shaking at the sight of even the tiniest mouse. A few years ago we bought my son a hamster (Spunky, may she rest in peace). I tried to face my fear, but it was not to be. Fears are funny things. I have big dogs with big teeth, yet I was more afraid of that yellow fang in Spunky's mouth. Spunky did not live long and we purchased Spunky the Second. STS lived even a shorter life and we are now done with hamsters.

I think rabbits are gorgeous creatures. Years ago I began to collect them in various forms (china, stuffed, ceramic). I have well over 100 scattered throughout the house. I discovered about 12 years ago that I am seriously allergic to rabbits. Just being in a house where a rabbit had been just about sent me to the emergency room. rabbits.

I discovered Peggy has a very cool t-shirt business - designs one does not find every day. If you'd like to check it out, click here.

Thank you Peggy, for sharing your precious photos!

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