Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

One day late, of course! The Computer Grinch paid me a visit on Christmas morning, but today my genius hubby went to six stores to purchase what I needed, and chased Mr. Grinch away. Strange not being able to be online. I had major Bejewled withdrawals!

This week has been an unusual one. We got a total of 16 inches of snow, making it the second highest snowfall in the 70 years they have kept records. First place went to a storm which brought 18 inches back in 1950. We aren't used to that much snow/ice, and I think the city owns just one snow plow. Plow being the operative word. It's pulled by a mule and moves quite slowly. We ventured out Tuesday evening to get a few last minute things and the roads were full of all kinds of challenges. We were in a Dodge Ram 2500 pick-up, which negotiates the snow just fine.....but if you've ever done any off-roading you know trucks have very loose suspensions. I liken it to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, bucking bronco style. By the time we got home two hours later I was in tears from all the jostling around.

We had planned on attending Christmas Eve services, but this was before I knew what riding in the truck was going to be like. Then they cancelled the second service due to weather. My son ended up going with friends, to a different church, but that was fine - just as long as he went.

Christmas morning was different, too. Now that he's 14, my son doesn't have the motivation to jump out of bed at 7:00 AM and go running to the tree. Everyone slept in, except DH, who is never able to sleep in, and we had pancakes and eggs and did our stockings about 11:00.

Of course the house wasn't ready to receive the guests we were expecting at 4:30, and one gift I was making wasn't finished, and dinner still had to be made. Miraculously it all came together and we had a wonderful meal with our friends. Then we sat around the tree and opened gifts together while munching on homemade treats. With not much more than the glow from the tree lights, and looking out at the winter wonderland, it was a very special Christmas and one I will never forget!

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Sue said...

Glad you had a wonderful spite of the weather! "White Christmases" are few and far between. Glad you were able to enjoy one this year!