Saturday, May 2, 2009

Letting Go

My mother sent the following to me. She is a perfect example of a relinquished will. I hope to be just like my mother when I grow up.

"In our mother's womb, we are given our souls. And each soul is endowed with a divine yearning for God. We are born physically with this longing that grows through the years. Often it is expressed in ways that do not satisfy. We yearn for significance, value, esteem, recognition, success, achievement and material possessions. We yearn because we are never-to-be-repeated miracles of God, created to glorify Him.

We will yearn, long, quest, and battle to achieve so that we can fill the empty vacancy within us. Why? Because we were created for a divine tenant who owns our souls. When He is in residence, the fruit-the manifestation of His presence-shows on our faces, in our actions and in our characters. The fruit of peace is the "inbirthed" satisfaction of our divinely inspired yearning. Peace is the fruit of the Spirit that invades and transforms the will. If we think love and feel joy, we experience peace when we will to seek, discover, and follow the Lord's will for us. Peace grows in the fertile soil of a relinquished will."

Lloyd John Ogilvie, "Perfect Peace"

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Samantha said...

Love that. Thank you.