Sunday, May 17, 2009

Toilet Paper

So what is it about men and their need for the fancy schmancy (expensive) toilet paper? The author of one of my favorite couponing blogs wrote about how she had to budget for the expense of the premium TP because her husband would not use anything but(t). Several women left comments saying their husbands were the same way. I myself have never heard of a woman being so particular about toilet paper.

Albertsons had a store coupon for Cottonelle 12 pack double rolls (limit 2) - for $4.88. I had two $1 off coupons and two Albertsons double coupons, making the cost of each package $2.88. Then, because I purchased two packages of TP, a Catalina coupon printed for $1 off my next shopping trip. Normal price for this particular product was $11.99. Completely ridiculous!

My dear hubby prefers the "good stuff," but he's not anal about it. I couldn't resist...sorry.

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