Friday, May 8, 2009

Strong Men

Oh my, I do give my patient hubby grief. Today being one of those days. I was blog hopping and stumbled upon this poem. It describes my beloved perfectly. He is the most wonderful man I've ever known.

My son is dealing with the heartache of a girlfriend who loves him, but who cannot handle living over an hour away and only seeing him twice a month. They have broken up....I think, maybe, could be, but then....almost, kinda, sorta. Whatever "it" is, he is having a very rough time of it. His main concern is HER, that she not suffer, that she not be sad. He is showing remarkable strength of character. He is leaning on the Lord, praying not for his specific desires, but for the Lord's will in his life.

Two strong men, with hearts of gold. I am blessed to have them in my life.

A strong man loves,
A weak man hates.
A strong man needs only one woman,
A weak man needs many.
A strong man is respected,
A weak man needs to be feared.
A strong man can be himself,
A weak man has many faces.
A strong man can judge himself and
A weak man only judges others.
A strong man earns his friends,
A weak man buys them.
A strong man can face his fears and his conflicts,
A weak man runs from them.
A strong man can stand aside while his woman shines and
A weak man stands in front, for he must shine.
A strong man can forgive,
A weak man cannot.
A strong man is what a woman needs

~Victoria Sikorsky

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