Friday, May 22, 2009

LIFE in the BUBBLE.....

On Wednesdays and Fridays I am lunchroom/playground monitor at my son's middle school. It's 45 minutes that goes toward the 10 hours of volunteer time parents are expected to donate, per trimester.

There are certain events in my life which have never lost their "new-ness." I still have trouble fully comprehending the fact I am someone's mother. Then there is my marriage (my second, and last) - five out of seven mornings I wake up, look at my wedding ring and think "wow, we're married." I feel euphoric when talking about "my husband" to others. Just saying the words "my husband" is a wonderful thing for me. So it would follow that being in my son's school environment still amazes me, and he's been there since kindergarten.

There are approximately 140 kids in this middle school. Tucked far back from a pretty busy road, just one building, and the parking lot doubles as the playground. There are six teachers, seven if you count the principal (she teaches history). Kids are kids, whether they attend a Christian school or not. Things are handled differently though, as opposed to the public schools. The goal is to prepare these kids to go out into the world and serve God. They place just as much emphasis on spirtual growth as they do on academics. There is much laughter and joy, teasing and being silly. There is also a very strict set of rules which must be followed, and these kids know it. It's the best of all worlds. Protected and safe, growing stronger in Him....inside the bubble.

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