Thursday, August 7, 2014

Another C Word

Colonoscopy.  My husband is having one tomorrow morning.  This will be his second time at bat.  Every five years they say.  I really do not think I could do it.  Not the procedure - the preparation.  I get extremely nasty when my blood sugar drops.  After even just a few hours of clear liquids I'd be up in a tower with hubby's gun.

Then there is the 800 gallons of "stuff" you have to drink.  "Stuff" which cleans you out.  He follows the instructions and always, and I mean always, achieves the desired result.  I just know if I tried it, they would get halfway through the test and find some corn from 1996 and I'd be rescheduled to do the whole thing over again.  

Plus, I'm just not compliant.  I'm the one who eats a peanut butter sandwich and drinks a can of diet Coke four hours before general anesthesia.  Why?  Because I can.

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