Wednesday, August 13, 2014

One Foot Out the Door

My son will be 20 in three weeks.  He's cooked.  He's ready to fly the coop.  And surprisingly enough, I'm ready for him to be on his own.  This is an extremely rational and psychologically healthy stand for a mom like me to take.  A mom who cried every first day of school up until his last year of high school.

He will be married in 11 months.  Yes, he's young and she is even younger.  They'll be okay though, because they both put God #1 in any situation, and especially in a marriage.  She has more maturity and grace than women twice her age.  And strength born from suffering things no young girl should have to endure.  It's obvious that God has put them together.  It won't be easy, but they will make it work.  They have many good people in their lives to help them through the rough spots, after marriage loses its new car smell.

We just have to survive these next 11 months with a young adult who seems to have forgotten the rules.  Rules like "because I said so" and "when you are living under my roof you live under my rules."  Mom and Dad may have to offer up a little continuing education on the finer points of parent/kid relations.  And if we do, that's fine.  We haven't come this far to wimp out now.

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