Monday, August 18, 2014


It's highly overrated, in my opinion.  It annoys me the way it bunches up or moves around.  And don't get me started on the old visible panty line phenomena.  I just don't like it and therefore, I rarely wear it.  I have a few pair, in case I have to go to the hospital.  Men are a lot more accepting of this.  Other women find it cheap and tacky.  So to shut them up I boldly announce, "I don't shave my legs either!"  Oh yeah, that always gets me a gasp or two or three.  THEN, I show them a leg and they bend down and examine it closely.  No tricks, no applications of hot wax or hours spent with tweezers.  I'm fair skinned and not a hairy person, I explain.  Haven't had to shave my legs for the past 15 years.  Whatever judgment they would have passed at the lack of under garments is quickly replaced by wonder and awe at my amazing hairless legs.

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