Thursday, April 24, 2008


Things are rough right now, for a lot of people, economically speaking. Gas and food prices going up, up, up. Lay-offs and companies shutting their doors forever. Those of us in the retail trade feel it too. It's a scary time. A time when we need to come together, and share our strengths.

I was a single mom for five years and they were tough years. My goal was always to hang on to the house, and keep my son in Christian school. In the midst of struggling, a very special bond was formed between mother and son. It was he and I against the world. Back in the days when he was young enough to want to sleep with mom, we'd cuddle under the blankets and sing songs and laugh, as the rain came down outside. He is 13 now, and he remembers those times well. As much as he loves his stepfather, I know he misses the days of just me and him.

We still have our house, and he's still at the same school he's attended since kindergarten. The Lord has made many things possible in our lives. Lately we have been telling Jacob we need to cut back on some things, tighten our belts, etc. Once again the old goals of keeping our house and him in school come to the forefront. He asks how bad things are and my husband reassures him we will be okay. A little while ago I went into my office/computer room, and found $2.18 on my chair, along with a note:

"This is all I can give right now. Don't give the money back. I'm part of the family too and want to help."

Of course I started to cry. I am so proud of him and so blessed that God wanted me to raise him.


Samantha said...

What a brought tears to my eyes with that story.

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a wonderful young man you have raised. I know you are so proud of him! Thanks for sharing this- It really touched my heart, as it will others.:-) Lori