Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time Flies ~ Third Card

This card is now available for the cyber world to see. Speaking of time flying....geez Louise, I cannot believe I have not posted since last Tuesday. The older I get, the faster time passes. One of the universal truths of life.

It is in the mid-70's here today....ick, yuck, boo hoo, bummer, and drat. I must have the reverse of what people get in the winter. Seasonal "something" disorder? Anxiety? Anyway, I LOVE the winter. I love the rain and the cold. I love the overall misty feel of things. At 75 we are pushing close to a heat wave. Anything higher, and I am miserable. The only good thing about the accident was my old car did not have AC, and the car I have now does. I have tried to convince my husband that moving to Alaska would be a good thing. So far, no dice.

You won't find too much talk about the weather in my blog. Most blogs I read however, talk A LOT about weather. In the winter the blogger is complaining of the gloom and doom. Come summertime the blogger is complaining of the heat and humidity. Strikes me as ironic.

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Donna Layton said...

What a pretty card.
I'm a weather complainer, but not on my blog. Honestly, though, in Oklahoma there is not much nice stuff to say about the weather. Almost all beautiful days get sabotaged by ungodly wind. Wind makes me go crazy. HATE it.