Monday, April 7, 2008


Here is a photo of hubby and the "kids" I took last summer. That's Jessie the German Shepherd, Juneau (AKA Boogie or Growly) the Malamute, and Ellie the Lhasa dog who belongs to my stepdaughter. Note the couches. They are hubby's bachelor couches (insert shudder here). I think every man must buy a set of couches like these - it's in the handbook, or something. He's a very calm man, and three sets of eyes staring at him are not a problem.

Physical therapy was not bad today. After Friday's session I was in bad shape. Apparently one is not supposed to have a hump on their shoulder as a side effect of PT, so they "loosened the screws" quite a bit and I am back to stretching only for this week. I have such a wonderful husband. Just his presence and touch are enough to soothe me to sleep. He did a lot of that this past weekend.

I received my "trunk" from Robin, in the Junque In My Trunk swap. Robin is VERY organized and ahead of schedule (I envy people like her). She sent me a ton of cool stuff, and I hope to get it photographed tomorrow so I can show it off here.

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Samantha said...

I've noticed the bachelor couch thing myself. In my experience, it seems like the couches always seem to come with an equally bad piece of boy a ship or an eagle. We have a lovely headshot of John Wayne that resides in the basement...hubby was amazed that I didn't like it. Boys are too funny!