Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Brush with Fame

I am a big fan of Donna Layton's work, and check her blog (undertheredroof) daily. Donna recently posted a photo of vintage wallpaper scraps she had been saving. I want some of those scraps. From the moment I saw them, I have wanted them. In fact there have been times when I "flashed" on those scraps while taking a shower, or typing an email, or watching TV. That concerns me, at least it concerns the one small sane piece of my mind still remaining.

I recently stopped being a lurker on Donna's blog, and would occasionally leave a comment there (after I checked for any scrap updates of course). Donna emailed me in response to a post, and mentioned the scraps. Wow, my heart went pitter patter since I consider her a member of the elite group of Altered Art Royalty. So I emailed Donna back and suggested the mystery packs because, in case I have not mentioned it, I want some of those scraps! At the end of my email it occurred to me that I was begging. I did it tactfully and politely, but I was still begging. I wondered how she would react. Would she start putting padlocks on her garbage cans, or file for a cyber restraining order against me for being a Scrap Stalker?

I heard from Donna this afternoon. I was relieved to see she wasn't disturbed by my begging, and said she got a good laugh out of my email. That, in itself, made me happy because we don't laugh enough in this life. Making someone laugh is like giving them a gift in my humble opinion. I am one step closer to scrap serenity - I can just feel it!

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Ralonda said...

I know that feeling of "brushing with fame". I received a doll created by Barbara Judy (who created the doll who won the first Land of Odds beaded doll contest) as a PIF gift. I am still over the moon!