Friday, April 25, 2008

Must You Annoy Me with that Camera??

I'm Miss Jessie and I really don't like being photographed. Yeah, the sun was in my eyes this time, but even when it isn't I am quite camera shy. I am eight years old and depending on who is looking at me, I'm either a German Shepherd OR a German Shepherd MIX. I love everyone, especially UPS drivers with treats. I have no problem getting into the truck and trotting to the back in search of the driver with the treats. Mom says this can be a bit stressful for certain UPS drivers. But I know what brown can do for me.

My hobbies are chasing squirrels, being a watch dog, playing with my little "brother" Juneau, napping, giving kisses - and my favorite pasttime is being scratched by Dad. No one scratches like him. He really gets down under the fur - it's heavenly.

I am friendly and polite - sweet is the word for me. But when it comes time to protect what's mine, don't push it because I have big teeth and I'm not afraid - unless you have fireworks. If you have fireworks, you can take anything in the house...feel free.


mysteryhistorymom said...

Miss Jessie looks like a sweetheart! My kind of dog.:-) Lori

Scrappy Jessi said...

how cute is jessie dog? what a sweetie. this was so funny i thiught i was ready a personal add on a dating site. haha.
have a great weekend.