Friday, April 25, 2008

Enchanted Swap Gifts for Lori

To officially finish up this swap, here are the things I sent to Lori aka Lovely Lori (I saw her picture, it's true - she is lovely). A rabbit filled with Rolos as we are both rabbit lovers.

A wooden crown on which I did a mosaic. This crown is about five inches wide. The "jewels" are vintage rhinestones. So sparkly, and big! I have in my little studio/office a whole area set up for mosaic work. Haven't done any in quite some time and I had forgotten how relaxing it is. We are hoping to do some craft shows this summer, and will be at a local farmer's market with a dear friend weekend after next. What a great incentive to start smashing and grouting again.

And a wand with lots of frou frou and vintage accents in the center.

1 comment:

Scrappy Jessi said...

These are amazing!!!
i love the crown hook! perfection!!
she is goping to be so happy!!