Saturday, January 3, 2009

** I Heart My Stickles **

And to think, last year at this time I didn't know Stickles existed! I was partnered with a sweet and wonderful lady named Sam, in an Easter basket swap. She put a bottle of silver Stickles in my basket, and the rest is history. This is only half of the colors they have, but more than enough to send me into a state of glitter euphoria. I plan to use more glitter (Stickles and other types) in my projects this coming year.

Thank you for stopping by ~ have a glittery week!


Malissa said...

I'm going to have to google stickles. I LOVE glitter!
I thought that I had your e-mail address from one you sent me, but I don't. Would you mind sending me a quick e-mail when you get a chance so that I will have it for swap updates. (Bits and Baubles Swap) Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

I just bought some Stickles! I got 4 colors to start and can't wait to glitter. Love the new blog look!