Saturday, January 17, 2009

Question of the "Back In" The Day ~

What things do you remember from "back in the day?"

~ I remember when "back in the day" wasn't a commonly used expression.
~ I remember seeing the occasional milk man on his route.
~ I remember when you played outside all summer, unless it was just too hot, then you played board games, inside.
~ I remember when I wasn't wished "a happy period, always."
~ I remember when everyone drank tap water, except for medical offices, where they had Sparkletts.
~ I remember when See's Candy cost $4.30 a pound.
~ I remember watching TV, without cable. Back then you could turn on the set and not have to see commercials for Viagra and Monistat.

I remember not being old enough to wish for the way things used to be, back in the day.


Sue said...

What fun!

I remember:
"When the Omar Man...comes knocking at your door...when you taste his're gonna want more". I remember hiding behind my Mom when this man in a uniform came to our door with a "table" hung around his neck that he would make into a double tiered one and we got to pick what we favorite was creme horns. Does ANYBODY else remember that? I searched it and it seems there WAS such a person and not just a figment of my imagination LOL

There are several emails circulating with this type of thing...really takes you back awhile. Metal skates and skate keys...those plastic collectable discs that had pictures of the space program that came in potato chip bags...and like you, I remember a day when erectile dysfunction wasn't something celebrated on TV, Viva Viagra style! What a world.

Samantha said...

Not only did we have a milkman (ours delivered orange juice too), but we had a Helm's Bakery man who drove a super cool panel truck that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on today.
Sometimes the men in our neighborhood would set up road blocks on both ends of our block and we would have huge BBQ/ block parties in true "Wonder Years" style. In those days--hee hee--we knew all of our neighbors and we would house-hop and try everyones food. Good, clean fun.
I remember chomping at the bit to go outside to play everyday and every dad had his own whistling style to call his kids home. The adults all sat on front porches and watched all of the kids play...not just their own. Very cool.
And how about 45's that you could cut off the back of cereal boxes...I'm pretty sure that's how I got my Bobby Sherman 45. :)
Enough of my travels down memory lane...Ha, and here I thought I wouldn't be able to think of anything to say if I had a blog.

And yes, I too am totally offended by some of these commercials today. The dancing tampons was the worst for me...I only saw it once and proceeded to send them a lovely email telling them how sick they they were. Some things really are TMI.
Have a nice day, Kim!!!
Love ya!
Sam...ah, even a name from back in days of T.V. land. :) It really dates me, doesn't it?

Samantha said...

Here's another one for ya...back in the day we used to take our film to be developed at the fotomat hut. Haven't seen one in years!

Jess said...

Great post...thank you so much for your visit to my blog. I just wanted to come by an say hello. You ar welcome at my blog anytime and the coffee or tea is always ready.

I will be back!
Loved your blog,