Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hello to my one loyal blog reader, you know who you are. A big snap 'o the strap to you! You never fail to brighten my day.

I can't believe it's the weekend....already. A day had the same 24 hours when I was 18, why does it seem like so much less now? Mary Kay, founder of, you know Mary Kay, said we all have the same 24 hours. Sigh.

I had a busy day, for me. Juneau's foster mom came over and put some medicine in his ears. Then hubby took me to the doctor for my every few month state of the shoulder visit. She moved and now it's a 30 minute drive to see her. Not my favorite way to spend 30 minutes, but she is so worth it. She poked around a bit and said "that's tight as a drum," hubby got a flu shot, and I got a new round of prescriptions. I even got one for something called a "suicide ball." At least that's the street name for it. Goes on your steering wheel and enables you to steer with just one hand/arm. I just need to find out where to get one.

I made a tuna noodle casserole for dinner and Kay came over to join me. Hubs had a cold, got over the cold, and now it has returned. So he spent the afternoon and evening "in the bed," as they say in the south. Kay and I went to my neighbors' house to see their two new puppies. Half Havanese and half toy Aussie Shepherd. Eight weeks old and cute doesn't even begin to describe them.

Then she took me to church to pick up my son, who had been volunteering at the variety show and spaghetti dinner that I wished I had gotten tickets for. Miss Jessie loves riding in the car, and hopped right in. Juneau on the other hand, won't get in anyone else's car, period. Never say never, I asked him if he wanted to go, and he jumped in. Kay was amazed and so was I. He did what he always does - sat right in the middle of the seat so big sister gets pushed against the door. Then he put his big head right between her head and mine, and panted away.

In April it will be three years since we adopted Juneau. To this day it amazes me the amount of heat these arctic dogs can generate. You don't even have to be touching him and you can feel the heat radiating off his coat.

Goodnight faithful blog reader ~ and God Bless!

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Mary said...


Thank you for stopping by my Writing Nook and leaving kind words of love and support on the passing of Meeko.

I dislike being without a dog. It's eerily quiet here without him. Hubby works nights and he was my company when hubby worked and when he slept. It's odd how I miss the clicking of the toenails on the laminate floor and the jingle of his dog tags as he scratched an itch. The house is just too quiet.

Thanks again for dropping by. I wish we lived closer and we would consider adopting one of those pups when they are ready to go. We are thinking that maybe by the spring we'll get another mal. Meeko was the best dog I've ever had.

Going now to see if I can find photos of Juneau.