Monday, January 26, 2009

Baths, or Showers?

Okay, I'm really pressing here, for a blog post subject. Do you take a bath, or a shower, or both? Hey, at least I didn't ask "tampons or pads?"

I shower. If I had a larger tub I might take the occasional hot bath with bubbles and candlelight. Our tub is not very big, and I kinda am - so it's not a great combination.

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Sam said...

I do the bath thing...some days more fancy than others. And I'm doing baths exclusively right now since our shower sprung a leak. It may be a while before this one is fixed because hubby swears he can fix it, (he "fixed" it last time- hee hee), and I would prefer someone with a contractor's license do the repairs because falling through the leak-weakened floor and being rescued by EMTs wearing nothing but soap bubbles doesn't appeal to me. :) Thus an impasse...