Wednesday, January 7, 2009

-- Knobless --

My husband and I decorate and sell ceramic knobs. Lots and lots of ceramic knobs. I order bare, naked knobs from any one of three different sources and a man in a brown or white truck delivers them to my door. It's a system that has worked well for over five years. Until now. The well went dry here in the Land of Knobs. Two suppliers totally out, one tremendously backlogged due to the holidays.

The good news is the folks with the backlog did ship today. The bad news is the shipment won't arrive till Tuesday. I bought some knobs on eBay, and maybe, if I am very lucky, the seller will ship them tomorrow and I will have them Saturday. Hopefully Mr. Murply and his Law will be occupied elsewhere, and I will indeed be restocked on Saturday. I informed the seller I have not been this desperate since my senior prom. Sometimes humor can help hurry things along.

The world will still turn, life will go on, and people will understand - they kinda have to. It's a bit stressful all the same, because I do take my business and my customers very seriously.

Sign me,

Knobless in Washington

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Mel said...

Hopefully, the knobs will arrive soon. What a good sense of humor!