Sunday, February 1, 2009

** Little Nuggets of Trivia **

I think we all possess knowledge that isn't widely known, or thought about, or cared about. Nonetheless we know things and when we tell other people these things, the other people say "hmmm, I did not know that." I enjoy knowing odd things. It's one of the few times I get to hear my husband say "you're right."

My nugget today concerns dentists, and why some are DDS's while others are DMD's. Both mean exactly the same thing. DDS is doctor of dental surgery and DMD is doctor of medical dentistry. Which three letters the dentist receives is totally dependent on the college he or she attends, and how they choose to do it.

Would you share a little nugget of trivia with me? Sounded a bit like Mr. Rogers there, didn't I?


Mary said...


Since this is Black History Month in Canada, I am going to leave you with a piece of Black History trivia.

Did you know that slaves taught the southern plantation owners how to grow rice?


Fifteen jockeys rode in the very first Kentucky Derby. Thirteen of them were black.

The quiz was fun. I left a comment on your previous post as well.

Thanks so much for your kind words of love and support in the passing of Meeko. Your Juneau is beautiful.


Sue said...

Regardless of which letters are at the end of their names, I HATE having to see them, face to face, if you will. LOL

Dental visits stress me out to the max...

Thanks for the "nugget". Love your blog for passing them out!

Jess said...

Great nugget...

hmmm a nugget from me...

im drawing a blank...but f i think of something wonderful i will let you know!

Thanks for you kind comments about our ice storm