Friday, February 20, 2009

**Friday Stuff**

Today was Homecoming at my son's school. The Varsity basketball team lost by two points. It was a great game though. A real cliff hanger. Now that basketball is over, life can get back to semi-normal around here.

I got a letter from my attorney - actually, a bill. They are in the process of obtaining all my medical records from 8/8/06 to now. Most providers require payment in advance before releasing records. I have 10 providers. The bill which came today was for almost $63.00 and that is only for two of the 10. The attorney says it is more prudent for their office to obtain my records, to be sure they are complete.

I know I will get this money back, but it irks me. All this time I have been paying my own co-pays for doctor visits, physical therapy, surgery, prescriptions, etc. It adds up. My PIP coverage was maxed over two years ago.

I guess "life" or "society" or maybe "the world" is just too big to evaluate people as individuals, on a case by case basis. I have zero fault in the accident and it seems like in cases like mine, the at fault party should have to cough up some money as the zero fault party goes through their treatment. As I said, it irks me.

Getting all this done, finally, is going to be a big relief for me. I won't get any better, but I will have closure. And I hesitate to say I won't get any better, because even though I've had excellent care, the true healer is God. I don't ask him to take the pain or the memories away. I ask Him to give me the grace to handle it better, believing His promise that all things work together for good.

Lastly, I added music to my blog. Personally I have never liked musical blogs. I have landed on far too many with my volume too high, and gotten quite the jolt. Truth be told, these are songs I love and can listen to over and over so I am doing it for me :).

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Sue said...

I am sorry to hear your son's team was on the losing end of the Homecoming game...but hey, a 2 point loss is better than a blowout, right? (not that that is much consolation, I guess).

I am assuming you were in an auto accident...yes, all the red tape is maddening, and on top of being physically hurt. Man. I was hit by a car which ran a red light 2 years ago (no one was hurt, thank God!), but justice WAS NOT served. The lady that hit me works at our local courthouse and the police said it was my fault...even though the "witness" changed her story THREE times! The clincher was, we had just paid off my SUV and my DH had dropped the full coverage insurance. (NEVER AGAIN!!!) Now, 2 years later, I do not have a car and depend on my co-workers to get me to work everyday.

BTW, I like your playlist! And about the "new way" to buy on ebay, I think I heard that ONLY PayPal, etc will be accepted. I used to frequent ebay, but only paid with cashier's checks. Is this not acceptable anymore, or is it left up to the seller?

Thanks and have a GREAT Saturday!