Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a Small World

....and getting smaller all time. Today my husband bought me a box of candy. Not the exact box pictured, but one very similar. This box USED to contain one pound of candy. Not anymore. It now contains 12 ounces. That is 25% less than before. Notice the shiny gold divider "thingey" separating each piece?

Below is a photo of how the box used to look, back when it contained a pound of candy. No divider necessary - there would not have been room. With the divider though, they are able to keep the same box size. I guess they figure we won't notice we are paying the same price for 25% less candy.

Every time I go grocery shopping I notice another one, or two or more products which have shrunk. I find it very unsettling but I don't know why. I don't mean financially unsettling, I mean from a security standpoint. I am bracing myself for the carton containing 10 eggs, or the three-quarter gallon of milk. I would rather just pay more. All of this changing of sizes messes with my head. I can just see the execs in their board rooms, plotting strategy and charting their bottom lines. Sales has always been all about the psychology. I swear it's worse now.

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Sue said...

My husband does our shopping (mutual agreement LOL) and he has been noticing this for awhile now. Here is just one link I found:


It saddens me that our children and grandchildren are going to be shortchanged...in SO MANY areas!

Hang on tight...it's gonna get very bumpy!