Monday, February 2, 2009

Sleeping Around, and a Great New, to me, Blog

I find that many couples do not sleep in the same room. This kind of thing was horrific to me in my 20's. What a cold, sterile relationship it must be, to sleep apart. I learned from a very reliable source that 90% of the time, it's the woman who ends up hitting the couch. AND, it's the man who feels hurt and abandoned. Please don't take it personally men. Women don't mean it personally. Women just need to get some decent sleep. And it's not like we are missing any quality time with you.

We are in separate rooms now, because of sleep incompatability. I got a twin bed for my office/studio room, and he stayed in the king size bed. That would be fine, were it not for my permanently tweaked neck and shoulder. A while back we purchased a memory foam bed. You've seen their commercials....welcome to bed. Let me tell you the bed is everything they say it is, and more. I miss it. My shoulder misses it.

Soon we will begin the process of flip flopping the rooms. After a career in the military, he can sleep anywhere. It takes an act of Congress for me to get to sleep. I'm difficult, I admit it. I am grateful to have a bed at all. To have a warm home and a son and husband who love me. So part of me feels terrible asking for the memory foam bed back. But the part which is cranky, tired and sore is stronger.

Kay over at The Rustic Cottage (on my sidebar) sent me the link to a very neat blog. A single gal homesteading on a farm in Vermont, with her dogs and assorted farm animals. She has two Huskies and being a huge snow dog fan, I really enjoyed reading about her adventures. She wrote a book too! You can check it out at

Please take a moment and say a prayer for Mary, who recently lost her beloved Malamute, Meeko. Corresponding with Mary has given me a glimpse into what life was like with a normal Mal. Ours is special needs - and we meet them, I promise.

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