Wednesday, February 4, 2009

* Question of the Day *

Do you have a favorite I Love Lucy episode?

Here is mine, and tell me if you remember it. When Ricky and Lucy and Ethel and Fred are driving to California, and find themselves at this broken down motel. The owner put misleading signs on the highway to "trap" weary travelers.

They are served rubber sandwiches in the coffee shop, and then check into the only available cabin. It's the only one available, because it's the only one they have. Both couples go about their nighttime routine and my favorite scene is Ethel tucking Fred into bed. It had a huge divet in the middle. And then....the train comes through! It was a classic.


Hootin' Anni said...

Hi, nice to meet you. I read your comment at a good friend of mine...Mary, at Mary's Writing Nook and had to stop by. I'm glad I did. "I ♥ Lucy" was a favorite of mine when I was a kid!!

Just the other day at the book store, I was going through the metal signs you hand on a wall, and they had several of Lucy on her TV skits. I didn't buy one, but I wish now, I had.

Anyway, there are so many 'favorites' of mine. Of course the infamous Chocolate Candy factory job...and the where Lucy is making wine in the vat with the other woman...Then, there was one where they went on vacation in a trailer...and the scary parts that no other than Lucy could make it so funny. [In fact, I don't think that was a TV program, I think that one was a movie!!] But all so hilarious. I will sit and watch some of them on syndication during the lunch break I take sometimes...I never tire of them

Have a terrific Thursday.

Oh, and you had mentioned "Juneau" in your comment at Mary' that a dog? I bet it's a great one...and I really like the name.

Sue said...

Yes, it was a movie that Hootin' Anni is referring to. It is called "The Long, Long Trailer", and it is a classic. In fact, I came across the poster for it the other day, and saved it with the intention of posting about it someday.

Yes, I loved the one in the overnight cabin. What a hoot. There are SO MANY. I always loved it when Lucy tried to "sneak" her way into Ricky's show at the Tropicana. How about the famous "mirror scene" with Harpo Marx?

Malissa said...

I remember that was also the episode where the same guy wore all of the "hats" in the town...literally and figuratively! I love Lucy. I even have the Ricky and Lucy Barbie set where Lucy is pregnant.

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Vita Vita Vegamin - Lucy does drunk better than anyone!!