Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~ It's a Fine Art ~

My son returned home this afternoon, after being gone since Tuesday morning. Since I don't "do" the morning shift, the last time I saw him was Monday night. I missed him. Of course. Our conversation concerning that subject went like this:

Me: "I missed you."
Him: "I missed you too."
Me: "Did you really?"
Long Pause
Him: "To be honest Mom, I hardly thought of you at all."
Longer Pause
Him: "Mom....Mom...what's wrong?"

It's a fine art - knowing when to close your mouth. Especially with offspring who are as painfully honest at age 14 as they were at age four, when he told me (and about 40 other people waiting in a Kaiser urgency care facility): "Mama, if you can't find anyone to marry you by the time I grow up, I'll do it."

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Sue said...

I hurts to let go. I still don't have it completely figured out...and mine is 22 and living far from home. (OK, hey, 2 hrs IS far from home, in my mind!!!)